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Competition Format

  1. Age Groups - Players MUST be in their year group to play in each of the competitions. 

  2. Field Dimensions - The Field will be 40M x 25M approx.

  3. Goal Size - 3m x 2m

  4. Number of Players

    1. Each Team can have up to 6 players on the field at one time - 1 Goalkeeper and 5 outfield players.

    2. Each Team must have a minimum of 5 players on the pitch to start the game. If either team only have 3 players or less, they forfeit the match 3-0. 

    3. In the event of a forfeit, a friendly match can be played. 

  5. Playing Time - All matches are 2 x 18 minute halves - with a 4 minute break in between.

  6. Start of Game - If a Team is not on the field by the allocated kick off time - The game is forfeited to the team who is present - a 3-0 victory is given to the team who is present. A friendly match can be played once the other team has arrived.

  7. Handball - If the goalkeeper handles the ball outside the box a direct free kick will be given.

  8. Free Kicks - All free kicks are direct. All opponents must be at least 3m from the ball. If a free kick is given for a 'pass back to goalkeeper' - a free kick will be given one step outside the penalty area. 

  9. What to wear - All players should be in their Team Kit. If kits clash, players will be given a Coloured BIB to wear on top of their clothes for the duration of the match. Players must wear appropriate footwear and Shin guards. NO Jewellery is allowed.

  10. The Referee - All matches will have a referee - following FIFA guidelines

  11. Ball out of Play- to comply with the FIFA law. The ball should re-enter play via a goal throw, corner kicks or throw-ins. Opposing players should be a minimum of 3m from the ball for a corner.

  12. Substitutions - Unlimited rolling substitutions are allowed. The referee does not need to be notified.

  13. Penalties - Penalties are taken 8 yards from the goal line All players except the goal keeper and the taker must be outside the box. Players can't take the penalty until the referee blows the whistle.

  14. Scoring - To comply with the FIFA law. The Offside law does not apply

  15. Points - Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. 

  16. Fouls & Misconduct - To comply with FIFA law. The referee has the final say. 

  17. Wet Weather - The competition will go ahead 'rain or shine'. If Centennial Parklands have closed the grounds, you will be notified by text message, receive a WhattsApp message or you can check our Facebook Page.

  18. Play-Offs

    1. The last 2 weeks of the competition - After the League Rounds - will be dedicated to the Play-Offs. The penultimate week will be Semi-Finals, followed by the Grand Finals the following week. Plus, 3 & 4 play offs. The other Teams in the league will play FRIENDLY games. The timings for the days will be published closer to the time.

    2. In the event of draw, the match will go to penalties - with each team taking 3 penalties. If the score is still a draw after 3 penalties, it will go to sudden death until there's a winner.

Term 2 Competition Dates: Saturday 4th May until Saturday 29th June


  • All Matches are between 2pm & 5pm on Saturday Afternoons.

COST: $900 per Team


  • TERM 2 - Queens Park - Field 12

How to Register

  • To register your interest, please contact

  • We will then send you a Team Nomination Form to fill out the names of the 6-10 players.

  • There are competitions for each age group - U6 & U7


Competition Info

  • Players in under 6's must be born in and after January 2017 to play in the under 6’s.

  • This is then applied to each each age group - Players can play UP an age group, but NOT down.

  • If you have a really strong junior team you may elect to play them up an age category.

  • It is required that all teams have a coach/manager/parent to do player substitutions.

  • We can offer coaching or training for these comps - at an additional cost.

  • We do not accept single registrations.

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