Coach Steve - What its all about....

Working here at Kickeroos as a Full-time coach gives us the rewarding opportunity to see children learn, grow, play and develop. We all develop enjoyable working relationships with many stories and memories made over the years with the children.

Coach Steve

Coaching is an exciting job which literally keeps us on our feet. With so many developing personalities on the field no two days are the same, and so we all need to be prepared to think quickly to handle changing circumstances.

Children are amazing at picking up the mood and energy of those around them. When it comes to Kickeroos coaches those with a positive, up-beat attitude put children at ease and create an environment that’s comfortable and fun. Some children can’t wait to arrive at soccer. Others find separating from mum or dad a little difficult to bear. Sometimes there are even tears. Coaches who have a nurturing temperament make it a lot easier for children to adapt to the the class, particularly those who feel anxious about leaving mum and dad, even if mum and dad are merely metres away on the sideline.

Patience is essential for coaching children, particularly those so young. From listening to stories, to working with disruption and handling everything that comes our way in between. Children appreciate our patience, feel comfortable around us and are more inclined to engage in learning and activities and skills, knowing that we have plenty of time and understanding.

Children love coaches who can use their imagination and enter their world. Having a coach with a playful attitude is entertaining for the children (and parents) but it can also stimulate them to learn new skills and develop. It’s great fun for us to revisit our inner child sometimes too!

What motivates children changes as they get older. As coaches we plan appropriate exercises for children which gives them many opportunities to experience success and mastery through their effort which will help to keep them motivated. We always try to pitch exercises at the right level, not too hard, but not too easy either. The sessions we lead need to be challenging enough to maintain children's attention and require persistent effort to achieve success. Children may become bored if things are too easy. However, if things are too challenging, children can become disheartened and begin to give up. They may not be motivated to try if they don't think they can do it. This is where the playfulness and the personality of the coach is crucial in engaging the child to try.

Obviously we have a great knowledge and passion for the game and we either play ourselves or coach at a reputable level here, but what makes us unique here at Kickeroos is that as soon as we arrive at work, our egos go out the window and we all become Footballing Peter Pan's... The coaches who never grew up!

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