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Development Squads

To register your interest in attending a trial and  joining our Development Squads, please fill out the form below.

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TERM 2 2024 - Training Days

Term 2 Training Dates: Monday 29th April till Thursday 4th July.



  • Mondays - 3:45pm till 5:15pm @ Queens Park - Field 1

  • Wednesdays - 3:45pm till 5:15pm @ Queens Park - Field 1


  • Tuesdays - 3:45pm till 5:15pm @ Queens Park - Field 1

  • Thursdays - 3:45pm till 5:15pm @ Queens Park - Field 1

TERM 2 2024 - Saturday Matches

  • U6 & U7 @ Queens Park - Field 12

  • U8 - U12 @ Queens Park Field 10, 11 or 12

  • Term 2 Competition Dates: Saturday 4th May till Saturday 29th June.

Premier / Development Squads includes;

  • 2 Training sessions per week

  • 1 match day per week - with a coach. Warm up and Match


  • $550 for 2 Training sessions and a match day coach

  • $200 Competition Fees


Active Kids Vouchers are welcome – Reminder there are 2 available per year at $50 each.




Football NSW explain that at the U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 & U12 levels, the program should place its emphasis on player development and understanding of the game a philosophy that is at the very heart of Kickeroos.

Kickeroos has been partnering with local football clubs for the past 12 years - instrumental in building and developing club structures for their youth development programs. We now have a strong enough group of players to run this program ourselves and will be giving selected players the opportunity to be part of this program.

We have very good relationships with Local Clubs and Regional Representative Sides so that when the time comes for your child to go beyond Kickeroos we will be there to help guide and aid that process. We will be providing Training and Matches for a season long pass: Selected participants will have the opportunity to have advanced training twice a week with a dedicated match every Saturday.​



These programs are selective and both focus on Player Development. Our selection process is based on the player being able to listen and take aboard instruction. Players should demonstrate a base level of skill and have a desire to want to play football and be competitive. The difference between PREMIER SQUADS & DEVELOPMENT SQUADS is that we have streamed the teams in to 2 levels of competency, skill and technique. Both levels play in competitive leagues and are continually challenged in a competitive environment, we just extend that further with our Premier Squads; Requiring players to show a higher level of 'coachability', skill & technique.

Both programs offer a pathway in to Representative Programs in the NPL (National Premier League) with our affiliations and close ties with Clubs and organisations. 

Development Squads

  • Training Days - Tuesdays & Thursdays 4pm till 5:30pm

  • Matches - Saturday Afternoons between 2pm & 5pm

Premier Squads

  • Training Days - Monday & Wednesdays 4pm till 5:30pm

  • Matches - Saturday Afternoons between 2pm & 5pm + Optional Sunday Matches (details to follow)

  • Mid Year Competitions - Kanga Cup (July) & Sydney International Cup (October) 

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 Development Squad Holiday Camp

July 2024

Our most Advanced and Technical Soccer Camp.

Our intensive program is for soccer players that want to be challenged and excelled.

We focus on Technical Drills and Skills to help develop young soccer players. We use the FFA curriculum to help guide their learning and give them an understanding of the game specific for their age.

Our Program

The Different Phases of Player Development - ADVANCED PROGRAM


U6 & U7 Development Squads - Discovery & Skill Phase

The U6/U7 phase fosters technical skill development while introducing tactical teamwork concepts. Coaches keenly observe players' preferences and abilities, gradually assigning more specific positions. Games become more structured, with larger spaces and more detailed rules.


U8 & U9 Development/Premier Squads - Skill & Game Training Phase

As we progress, players delve deeper into both technical and tactical development. They begin working on more complex team strategies, emphasising the importance of position play and teamwork. While specialisation in positions may commence, we continue to encourage versatility.


U10-U12 Development/Premier Squads - Game/ Team Training Phase

The U10-U12 phase further develops technical and team processes used within the game. We now implement strategies for the individual to function within the team. This includes the different transitions of the game from defending to attacking, attacking to defending. - developing the understanding between players and their positions, with and without the ball.


Q: What are the ages of each squad?
A: We have U6's, U7's, U8's, U9's ,U10's, U11's & U12's

Q: Who will be the coaches?
A: We will ONLY have our most experienced and senior coaches 

Q: Can anyone attend these sessions?
A: NO. Only the players selected can attend.

Q: Do i have attend both training sessions plus the match.
A: Ideally, each player should be attending all. But, 1 training and match per week is compulsory.

Q: Does the parent need to stay for the session?
A: No. You can drop off - please make sure the child is registered when they arrive.

Q: Who are the matches against?
A; U6 & U7 will be entering the ESAL (Eastern Suburbs Academy League) - Term 2 @ Queens Park - Field 11

A. U8-U12 will be entering the Sydney Super League - Term 2 @ Queens Park - Field 11

Q: Are shin pads and boots compulsory?
A; Yes.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: Unless you receive a text message from us - all sessions and matches will be going ahead - rain or shine.

Q: Do i need to purchase a NEW Nike Kickeroos Development Squad Uniform.
A: Yes. We will be sending out a sizing guide to you and you can select which size you would like to order for your child.

Q: Do i need to inform you if we are going on Holiday or my child is sick.
A: Yes. Please email the office to let us know. There are NO make-up classes available.

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