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How to Enrol and make Payment?

  • Enrolments are accepted online at,  and or via telephone using a credit card.

  • No part payments for enrolments can be taken.

  • Classes operate on a continual basis, payment is made quarterly by direct debit from your nominated credit card, this payment information is collected upon your first booking and payments will be taken quarterly in advance. These details are stored safely in our payment gateway.

  • Dishonour fees of $8.50 per transaction will apply for any payments declined for any reason. This fee will be passed on to you before your next billing cycle.

  • 1% Credit card payment fee
  • Due to the increased cost and charges by banks, The business has made a decision to pass on bank fees in line with industry standards. Effective Monday 28 March 2022 , a credit card transactions fee of 1% will be automatically applied to every transaction and will be itemised on your receipt.

  • If there are available places, you will be enrolled immediately

  • If there are no places available, you will be placed on a waitlist and will be advised if a place in your requested class becomes available. 

  • For all other enrolments, payment is required at the time of booking.

  • A minimum of 1 term (see in Terms & Conditions schedule) prepayment is required at the time of the enrolment. Non payment will place you on a wait list and this does not secure you a place in the class.

  • Classes will not operate on a public holiday.

  • If your class falls on a public holiday the cost of the term will be adjusted for the public holiday.

Are uniforms compulsory?

  • Yes - Kickeroos Uniform - T-Shirt, Shorts & hat  =$60

  • Yes - Development Squad Uniform - Nike T-Shirt, Nike Shorts & Nike Socks = $120

  • Yes - SheKicks Uniform - T-Shirt, Nike Shorts & Nike Socks = $90


What size uniform should I buy?

All uniforms are good for their age groups. e.g. Size 2 uniforms for 18 months & 2 years olds, Size 4 uniforms for 3 & 4 year olds.


When will I get my uniform?

All uniforms are given out by the coach at the first session. Uniforms are not mailed out. Please ask your coach for your uniform if you haven’t received it.


What footwear should my child wear?

We encourage all players to wear soccer boots from age 5, trainers are otherwise appropriate.


Can I join once the term has started?

Subject to availability, for NEW customers ONLY, any class can be joined during the term - a pro rata amount will be payable. 


What class should I book my child into?

 We put kids into classes from the age they are at on March 1 each year.


Q- My child will be 3 in August what class do I enrol them in? 

A  You enrol them into the 2 year old class, Mini’s as all the other kids that were enrolled from March 1 will be of similar age. If you enrol them into a 3 year old class, then all the kids will be a full year older than your child.


When we rollover from Term 4 to Term 1, we will automatically update your childs age and move them to the older class.


Please note, we DO NOT move kids mid year when they have their birthday. If you or your coach feels a child need to move, we will get approval from your coach and only then can we move your child.


At the end of each term, your coach and the head of Kickeroos/Shekicks meet to discuss each child and their progression and we also look at the other age of kids on the class. We will proactively call you if we feel you child should move to a different class.



As per our terms & conditions, refunds are not given after any program has commenced eg weekly classes, holiday camp, 1-1 sessions. In cases where a doctor’s certificate has been provided, credits may be put on your account and are to be used within 90 days of the given date. Any refunds given will incur a 10% bank/admin fee.


What happens when it rains?

If the grounds are closed by Centennial Park Rangers (Centennial Park & Queens Park) your session will be cancelled via a text message and a Facebook post - a make up class given to book online (subject to availability).


We do not offer refunds or credits for classes not made up.

Holiday Camp Wet Weather Information 

This can be found on our website

Policy for Extreme Heat & Outdoor Play

In line with with Football NSW Hot Weather Policy - - we will cancel (& offer a make up class) to any soccer classes where the temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius or above. In order for the classes to be cancelled due to heat, the extreme temperature must be at the start time of the scheduled class. A text message will be sent out before the start of the class to advise of any cancellations.

How do I book a make up class?

You must mark your child absent online before the scheduled missed class at  - this will give rise to a makeup class. Please note, make up classes are subject to availability. If you can not see the class online you are looking it will mean that the class is fully booked. Click Here to Book a Make-Up Class -


How many makeup classes am I entitled to, how to book and when do they expire?

If you enrolled in a term time program, subject to availability, you can make up 2 classes per term. Make up classes must be used by the end of the current term - they do not rollover to the next term.


How much are trial classes and how do I book a trial class?

All trial classes are booked online and are subject to availability - they can only be booked UP TO 1 WEEK ahead of the scheduled class you would like to attend. Please ensure you have already set up a profile at and then book in online - cost for a trial is $37.

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