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Corona Virus Update & Kickeroos 
14 weeks ago, we kicked of our 2020 season, 5 weeks ago, we closed the business due to the corona virus and term 2 officially started on the 27/04 - so much has changed in such a short time!

We hope you're all doing ok - we miss the kids (& siblings & adults!) and want to give you an update on where we are today with programs, corona virus and 1:1's! Current government guidelines prevent our term 2 programs from commencing given that no more than 2 people can gather outside. We are monitoring closely the restrictions in place and the updates as they come to hand and we do know that schools are due to start whereby children will attend 1 day a week initially and this will slowly progress to 5 days. Chief medical officers have advised that lifting restrictions and allowing small groups to gather outside will be the first step toward easing corona virus restrictions that are currently in place and the PM has proposed that certain restrictions may begin to ease in the next 3-4 weeks (on the condition that criteria are reached). When life begins to resume to the way we know, we hope and are excited to see all of you back again!

When will we see you? :))
We predict that the re-opening of Kickeroos will be slow to start and may need to be staggered at the outset. We will be guided by Government allowances and how they advise us to start up again but we think that it may be small classes to start with on staggered days - we predict by term 3 that we will be full steam ahead!

When the Term 2 bookings OPEN (for possibly limited numbers), it will be a 'first come first served' basis to accommodate the limited class numbers. If you have booked into a 1:1 private program for Term 2, any remaining classes will be credited to your account and can be used toward the 'newly opened' Term 2!

Sending you all lots of luck for the start of school, (however this may look for now) we will keep in touch with further updates as they come to hand. In the meantime, take a look at our term 2 offering for 1:1 private coaching sessions - they are proving to be a HUGE hit!!


Reduced Price is $45 for 30 mins OR $90 for 1 hour 
Venues are Lachlan Reserve, Centennial Park OR Dudley Page Reserve, Dover Heights 
It is so important for kids to stay fit, healthy & active for mental health, for overall well being and to keep to some type of routine over these difficult times - we will continue to offer these sessions whilst we can't train as a group whilst keeping in line with Government guidelines allowing for 1 on 1 training sessions! 

Reduced Price is $45 for 30 mins OR $90 for 1 hour 
Venues are Lachlan Reserve, Centennial Park OR Dudley Page Reserve, Dover Heights 
Why not get fit and healthy whilst your child is playing soccer or doing a fitness session with one of our team at the same time! Our FAB team of coaches are highly qualified to take PT sessions as well. We will tailor the session to your requirements with lots of fun and challenging equipment. 

Support Each Other! 
In these difficult times, we want to offer you our support and we would also love YOUR support so that we can survive as a small business. So many are doing it so tough right now, we would love to help any companies from the Kickeroos community to shine in these challenging times - watch out for our social media posts in regards to this and please support our community.
Tag or email us and we will try to highlight you wherever we can!

And don't forget - OUR COACHES - the best of the BEST, Nick, Rio & Ben are a strong team of educators (of soccer!) and we want them to stay with us through this because the corona virus pandemic will end! Our aim is to ensure they are still working, coaching us and teaching us - feel free to reach out with any messages for them, they would love to hear from you!

Stay together, stay strong and stay in touch! x

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