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The Importance of Outdoor Play!

In recent times, our lives have been consumed by rules & restrictions!

Now it's time to PLAY!

Outdoor play is good for your child's physical health, development & self confidence - its great fun too! Playing outside gives your child the chance to explore nature, have an adventure, play games, test physical limits & express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.

When your child is outdoors, they have space and freedom for BIG movements like jumping, kicking & throwing which improves health fitness & physical development. It's important for children to be outside in all weather so they can learn about what all environments feel like and how their body responds. A little bit of sunshine is great to boost vitamin D levels and a cool frosty morning is also great to make you feel alive!

Being in a small group activity teaches children how to interact, play with other children and develop new social skills whilst making new friends! Outdoor play can mean a few tears, a scrape or a fall, but 'risky play' helps children to learn from mistakes & bounce back. So, encourage your children to push boundaries, run faster kick further and jump higher with KICKEROOS with our special offer!

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